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Building Your Model Railroad

BNSF bringing model railroad supplies to your door.

The BYMRR.com website was created out of a lifelong passion for trains and model railroading. It was started in 2008 as an informational site bringing together all that was known about how to build a model railroad.  It was titled "Building Your Model Railroad" because the idea was to share all this information with others who were learning how to build their own model railroads and looking for information on how to do it. 

Shortline coal train working the mountain.

At the time there was a hodgepodge of information on the Internet about bits and pieces of the hobby and, although there were  many good articles written in various journals and magazines on the subject, there was not any one online site that put it all together.   That was the goal - to create a website that contained all the information any person needed to know about how to build their own model railroad at home - and all of that information contained in one site.  

The site has been viewed extensively by model railroaders all over the world, establishing communication channels and bringing people together under the common interest of trains, railroads and building dioramas and layouts.  It has been said that the people of the world are truly more alike than they are different, and I have come to believe that through this hobby.

All of the main articles on the BYMRR site are available on this site as well on the Tutorial Page.

And now there is a new goal - to offer quality products and supplies to serious model railroaders at reasonable prices with unsurpassed customer service. 

So many of the things we buy end up in the trash because they are of poor quality or they don't work as advertised.  Even things that I have purchased from good hobby shops didn't work well or burned up after one run around the layout, and many of these products were not returnable, or had to be sent back to original factory for weeks or months to be repaired.  This certainly has been disappointing at times and definitely detracts from the enjoyment of the hobby.

Finally now, with the opening of the Rail Modeler Train Store, we have an online hobby shop that is focused on providing top quality products and premium customer service - guaranteed, or your money back. 

We have answered many questions regarding details of model railroading for many of our readers of the BYMRR site over the years and we intend to be very responsive to our retail customers as well. 

Thank you for browsing our catalog.  The Rail Modeler Store is new and there are not that many products available yet, but have faith, new items are being added every day and it won't be long before we have as large a selection as you see anywhere else on the net. Remember, each product is being personally reviewed for quality before it "hits the shelves".

The author of the site has been actively involved in the hobby since at least 1990,  has built 7 layouts - 3 in HO and 4 in N scale, and is an active member of the NMRA and the National Railroad Historical Society.