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 You can now browse products on our store by scale.  If you are primarily modeling N scale, for example, you will want to go to the collection of items listed in the N scale category, rather than waste time looking at other scales that you are not really interested in.  Well, now you have that capability- at least for HO, N and O scales. Other scale collections will be added later as we add more products to our store related to those scales.  (We certainly don't intend to offend those who like to work in other scales. We just don't have enough of those products in our store to make a collection out of them yet. Stay tuned though. More items are coming in every day.)

Be careful before you buy that you get the right scale. The filtering process used to bring these items into these collections is not perfect and they may contain some products from other scales.

 N scale model railroading 3- Rail O Scale HO Scale Layout