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Howard Fogg's Trains 2022 Calendar
Howard Fogg's Trains 2022 Calendar
Howard Fogg's Trains 2022 Calendar

Howard Fogg's Trains 2022 Calendar

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• Large blocks for notes \n

• Superbly printed throughout \n

• Reproduced on quality 100\-pound paper \n

• Deluxe 11 by 14\-inch size\nConsidered the all\-time master of railroad art, Howard Fogg painted the power and majesty of the steel wheel on the steel rail. After rail fans discovered Fogg’s artistry, he spent the next 50 years as a freelance artist reinventing the steam age. In Howard Fogg’s Trains, his paintings live on, commemorating the great age of railroading.\n

Trains and railroads featured in the 2022 edition include:\n

Between 1927 and 1929 four Class S Berkshires were purchased from and delivered to Erie by Baldwin Locomotive Works, American Locomotive Company and Lima Locomotive Works. As seen in this image, Engine 3338, a Class S\-2 has a trainload of eastbound meat reefers coming from Chicago and destined for various locations all over the eastern United States.\n

Boston and Maine purchased twenty\-five of these beetle\-browed (2\-8\-4) locomotives from the Lima Locomotive Works in 1928. The arched device over the front of 4016 is a Coffin feedwater that used exhausted steam to pre\-heat water before it was injected into the boiler.\n

Milwaukee Road 216, a Class S\-2 Northern (4\-8\-4} is starting to pull away from the Bowman, ND, depot with the westbound Olympian in the fall of\n1946. 216 was built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1937.\n

Denver and Rio Grande Western 453 is rolling a southbound freight around Trout Lake, located about ten miles southwest of Telluride, CO, in early June 1947. 453 was one of 15 Class K\-27 “mudhens” built and delivered by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1903.\n

This watercolor pictures a trio consisting of Alco FA 5200, assisted by an Alco FB\-FA, running through the Ozarks in 1949.\n

Union Pacific 815, a Class FEF\-1 Northern (4\-8\-4), is leading westbound Train #85, the National Parks Special through one of the small, line\-side towns, such as Ovid, CO, in the early winter of 1953.\n

Texas and New Orleans 703, a Class GS\-1 Northern (4\-8\-4) is leading a passenger train in West Texas near Alpine in 1937. Southern Pacific, the parent\nrailroad for the T\x26NO, ordered and received 14 locomotives from the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1930.\n

Santa Fe Northern 1982 is leading an eastbound mail train several miles west of Kingman, AZ. This Santa Fe locomotive appears to be a 2900 Class Northern (4\-8\-4L) one of a class of 30 built in 1943 and 1944 by the Baldwin Locomotive\nWorks.\n

New York Central 8211, an Alco Model RS2, is picking up some milk cars at a rural location in the Berkshire Hills. An appropriate date would be a rainy fall day in 1953.\n

Chicago, Burlington and Quincy 3005, one of 12 Class S\-4 Hudsons (4\-6\-4) delivered to the “Q” in 1930, is rolling a westbound mail train through a sleepy Iowa town during the throes of the Great Depression. Several of these locomotives remained in service into 1957.\n

The Grand Trunk Western got into the Streamliner Era a little late; in 1938 they ordered and received six streamlined Northern (4\-8\-4} locomotives from the Lima Locomotive Works, Class U\-4\-b, numbers 6405 through 6410. These were to be used only in passenger service. Here is 6405 eastbound hitting\nabout 80\-miles\-per\-hour near Battle Creek, MI, in 1940.\n\n

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