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Walthers Urban Retaining Walls - N-Scale

Walthers Urban Retaining Walls - N-Scale

Walthers Cornerstone
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Combine roads and rails easily in N Scale scenes with the Cornerstone Urban Retaining Walls kit. This highly detailed and versatile model is adaptable to new or existing layouts, and offers various options to build common designs supporting elevated railroad rights-of-way in areas where increasing auto traffic required eliminate of level tracks and grade crossings. A realistic addition to any commerical, residential or industrial area from the 1900s to the present.

Simplifies modeling elevated tracks in new or existing scenery
Simulates poured concrete walls built from the 1900s on
Easily expanded by combining kits and customized with molded cut lines
Easy to use with Urban Steel Overpass (933-3871) - adaptable to other bridge kits

Great value with 56 parts molded in concrete gray including:
8 tall, 4-panel retaining sidewalls each: 4-3/4" Long x 1-1/2" Tall 120 x 38.40mm
4 tall 3-panel retaining end walls each 3" Long x 1-1/2" Tall 76.2 x 38.40mm
8 short, 4-panel retaining walls each 4-3/4" Long x 1/2" Tall 120 x 14.4mm
8 tall connectors
8 short connectors
4 customizable interior reinforcing cross pieces
8 Railings
8 short wall supports

SKU: 933-3882