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Woodland Scenics Mod-U-Rail Stand, Corner WOOST4791 - Building Your Model Railroad

Woodland Scenics Mod-U-Rail Stand, Corner WOOST4791

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Mod-U-Rail Stand, Corner

is an excellent way to build benchwork for your model railroad.  Easy to put together.  The wood is already cut to the proper dimensions, holes are predrilled and bolts are included.  This is what I used to build the Blue Ridge and Southern Railroad.  Unless you are a carpenter, or even if you are, this is the way to go.  Expertly designed.  High quality material.  Made by Woodland Scenics.  Brand new in factory packaging.

This easy-to-build stand is perfect for your Mod-U-Rail System. Pre-measured, pre-cut and pre-drilled wooden module stands form fit to your layout modules. Lightweight, durable, sturdy and easy to assemble. All the necessary hardware is included. Stand is 35 inches tall with adjustable feet to simplify leveling. Bolt to other stands in any configuration needed to match your custom layout design. To finish, just prime and paint.

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Mod-U-RAIL Benchwork